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Conveyancing Calculator
Our conveyancing calculator gives you the opportunity to get an estimate for your residential sale and/or purchase without any commitment.

We believe it’s vital that you are able to plan your move as much as possible, ensuring there are no surprises along the way. For our other conveyancing services please call 01752 388896 or email julie.milton@brightllp.co.uk and we will provide you with a bespoke quote setting out our fees and disbursements over the phone, by email and/or by post.

It will calculate an estimate for services such as arranging indemnity insurance, redeeming mortgages (including second charges) and preparing your Stamp Duty Form. To proceed with the estimate, simply click ‘Instruct Us’, fill in the details and we will be in touch.

Please note: If you are selling a leasehold property, your landlord/management company may charge a fee for providing leasehold information about your property. The landlord/management company fees can vary and we will enquire about this when you have instructed us, but if you want to know these costs in advance please contact your landlord/management company and they should be able to confirm their charges.

Conveyancing Calculator