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Keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions?

  • Posted: 17-01-2019
  • Commercial/Business

January is the time of New Year resolutions, new diets, new exercise routines, looking forward and planning for the New Year. It’s also a good time to think about the health of your business and to set some goals for the future.

What are the risks your business is facing? What could you do to minimise or even remove those risks? What is the strongest element of your business? Are you doing all you can to make the most of that? Is it time to start thinking about succession or exit planning? And if so, what do you want to achieve and within what time frame?

It’s a rare business that doesn’t have something to improve. For smaller businesses in particular the challenges of keeping on top of all the regulatory and compliance requirements, the “red tape”, can be particularly demanding. We can help with this, freeing you up to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business.

Christmas Entertaining: Pitfalls for the Unwary

  • Posted: 20-12-2018
  • Commercial/Business

Christmas and New Year staff parties are intended to be a source of good fun, a reward for a year gone by. But for employment lawyers they are all too often also a source of new work.

The classic problem is the employee who oversteps the boundaries of good taste and acceptable conduct, and strays into the arena of harassment or discrimination.

Dealing with Rent Arrears: Section 8 Notice v Section 21 Notice

  • Posted: 05-12-2018
  • Debt Recovery

A landlord wanting to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and regain possession of their property can use either a section 8 notice (Notice to Quit) or a section 21 notice (Notice of Possession), or, depending on the circumstances we might advise serving both and deciding which to rely on as the matter progresses.

So what do you need to be thinking about when deciding which way to go?

Dame Judith Hackitt’s Report: Building Regulations and Fire Safety

  • Posted: 05-12-2018
  • Commercial/Business

Following the Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June 2017, Dame Judith’s independent review of building regulations and fire safety culminated in the publication of her report on 17 May 2018, together with a statement to the House of Commons on the same date by James Brokenshire, the Housing Secretary.

Mr Brokenshire pointed out that the cladding used on Grenfell was unlawful even under the existing building regulations, and should not have been used. The House was informed that the current system was not fit for purpose and that both major legislative reform and a change of culture were needed.

In her “personal view” in the preamble to the report, Dame Judith also stated her belief that there is “a cultural issue across the sector, which can be described as ‘a race to the bottom’ caused either through ignorance, indifference, or because the system does not facilitate good practice.”