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Whilst busy working away yesterday we had a phone call from a client who was very concerned as he had received a phone call from “High Court Enforcement” officers who were on their way to their registered office to collect payment for an outstanding County Court Judgment and were pushing for payment from him on the phone. This is not unexpected behaviour from high court enforcement companies as once they have complied with their obligations and sent a notice they will call to try to obtain payment prior to any visit being made and they can be very pushy and forceful.

Rightly our client was concerned as he was not aware of any judgments against him or his company and our client had no recall of any Court letters being delivered and certainly had no letter from any Enforcement Company advising they were collecting funds.

At times county court judgments do occur when the registered office has changed since any dealings arose, people have moved house, companies move and you can end up with a judgment that you have no knowledge of. Due to this we were not initially of the view this was a scam and more an oversight due to the wrong address being used by another party. However enforcement companies do have obligations to follow and always have to write to a debtor at the time of the writ being obtained and they had most certainly not had any correspondence.

Upon speaking with the client we tried to call the mobile number but had no luck getting through and left a message for the “officer” to call us back. Alarm bells were now starting to ring and concerns being raised and we suggested the client check on the website to see if there was any judgment against him as we would urgently need details of it so that we could apply to get the judgment set aside.

The search showed no judgment registered to him personally or his company. It certainly appeared that our client was being scammed and we advised our client to contact the police.

Prior to being able to call the police he received a second phone call from the “High Court Enforcement” officer again aggressively pushing for payment. When our client queried the person on the phone they became incredibly abusive and threatening.

Once the report was made to the Police our client was advised that there is a team currently in the area scamming persons out of money by pretending to collect on County Court Judgments. It seems that the scammers are quite successful in collecting from unsuspecting persons who simply pay up out of fear of a bailiff or enforcement agent arriving at the door to take goods. The scammers are looking to contact local businesses.

This is a genuine scam and we would not have believed it ourselves if the client hadn’t called looking for advice on what to do. We would ask all our clients to be aware and if they do receive any such phone calls from bailiffs or enforcement officers that they do not simply make a payment and hand over any card details.