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Commercial Agreements

Contracts are essential in forming and maintaining strong business relationships and it is important to get it right.

Every time you sell an item or service, you are entering into a contractual agreement, yet many business owners and managers fail to implement carefully drafted contracts. We have seen various changes in the law recently and businesses must ensure that their terms of business and commercial agreements are compliant with the law and that they are not putting themselves at risk of a potential claim which could have been avoided with the correct documentation in place.

Our commercial team are committed to providing strong, fair and tailored commercial agreements. Our team realises the importance of truly understanding and sharing your commercial aims and seeing you through your journey. Drafting and negotiating complex terms requires legal expertise and forward planning designed to prevent potential future disputes and to reduce risk.

Our team has experience in acting for a range of sole traders and SMEs across a variety of contractual documentation including drafting:

- Consultancy Agreements
- Management Agreements
- Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase (both business to business and business to consumer)
- Distribution/Agency Agreements
- Website Compliance Documentation
- Legal Charges
- Guarantees
- Franchise Agreements

We are also often instructed by clients in order to review existing or proposed agreements on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are in line with our client’s intentions. We aim to make sure that there are no hidden nasty clauses and also to ensure that nothing vital has been missed.

Recent work

- Drafted and advised on terms and conditions for a web design and digital marketing firm;
- Drafted, negotiated and agreed a management agreement on behalf of our clients, the owners of a large property;
- Advised on the key terms of an initial 5 year contractual relationship governing the key Intellectual Property Rights, duties and powers of the insurance client.
- Advised on the implications of bridging finance;
- Drafted and advised on terms and conditions for a property acquisition business including entering into a solicitors referral agreement;
- Drafted terms and conditions of business for an online fashion retailer; and
- Drafted bespoke legal charges for a developer entrepreneur.

Tanveer Bhogal

Commercial Corporate Solicitor“