Companies House changes March 2024


Liam Arrowsmith, Corporate Solicitor | 12th March 2024

Following the introduction of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act at the end of last year, Companies House continues to increase its powers of investigation and checks into companies. Hailed as the most significant change for Companies House in 180 years, changes introduced on 4 March aim to increase accountability and transparency.

Key takeaways of the changes are:

Increased powers of investigation

The Registrar is increasing its powers to query information submitted to the register and request supporting evidence. This includes using data matching to identify and remove inaccurate information and to annotate filings that appear misleading.

Requirement for an ‘appropriate address’ a registered email address

An address must be provided for suitable service of documents. This might be the current registered office, so long as delivery of documents can be acknowledged and recorded. A PO Box will not be acceptable as an appropriate address.

New companies will need to provide a registered email address on incorporation and existing companies will be prompted to provide an email address when the next confirmation statement is filed.

Submission of statement of lawful purpose

On incorporation, the new shareholders will be required to confirm that the new company is being incorporated for a lawful purpose and that its intended future activities will be lawful.

Data Sharing

Companies House will have the power to share data with other government departments and law enforcement agencies.

Further checks on company names

The Registrar will have the ability to remove offensive names or those that falsely imply connections with a foreign government or international organisation.

Companies and their owners can expect a more robust approach from Companies House and a change from an organisation that accepts filings in good faith to one which actively scrutinises information sent.

In addition to the above measures, Companies House has published details of increased fees for incorporation, registration and filing which shall become effective on 1 May 2024.

For more information on what the latest changes mean for you and your company please get in touch with our Corporate Team.