James’ Apprenticeship Blog – Part 1


James Jenkins | First Month at Bright Solicitors | March 2023

Hi, my name is James, I started my IT apprenticeship on the 20th of February 2023.
This blog series is about my experiences working as an IT apprentice at a successful law firm in the heart of Plymouth.

Why have I decided to start an apprenticeship?

I decided to go for an apprenticeship because I felt it would give me better opportunities and be better for me as I prefer practical experience over being in a classroom. I felt that Bright Solicitors would be able to support my career further by learning new skills and developing vital office experience for the future. By choosing an apprenticeship, I believe I will become more confident and have better knowledge and understanding of IT so I am able to progress further in my career. I also wanted to come here because Bright Solicitors seemed like a very friendly place and I was right, everyone is very supportive and helpful.

What did I do during my first week at Bright Solicitors?

My first day was mainly spent getting to know people, learning the basics, and finding out more about what my role is. We also covered what is expected of me during my time here and how this will help my learning and development. Later on the first day, I was given training to better understand the new system the company had just switched to and help me learn the basics of it. My second day was busier as we had to move around PC setups which involved disassembling them and reassembling them elsewhere, and on my third day, I was on reception to help me learn the basics of the phone system and help me learn how to answer the phone. Doing this has helped build up my confidence and let me get to know everyone who works in our reception and admin better.

What else have I been asked to do during my first month?

To go alongside my IT responsibilities, I have been assisting the Business Support team. I was asked to help organise a recent event with the Marketing department called ‘Meet the funders’ at Boringdon Golf Club with Jordan. I assisted him in setting up the Bright stand for the event happening the following day.

Another task I was given was putting together monitors and installing them for others at the office. This task has helped me learn what cables go where and how the different cables work and function. I have also been keeping documentation up to date by editing it in the firm’s database.

How would you summarise your first month at Bright Solicitors?

I feel that since I joined, I have got more and more confident and can do more things that I couldn’t do before. Jordan, Ben, and Mark all get along and that makes it easier for me to ask questions and helps me learn better and keeps me motivated to learn. On Fridays, I work on my college course where I complete the tasks set for me and send them off to my trainer for him to mark and give me feedback on. Also, since joining I have learnt lots of new things like how an internal phone system works in an office environment and how to assemble computer setups and I am looking forward to what’s next.

James will be back next month to update us on his progress at the firm. For further news from Bright Solicitors, please visit our News & Events Page.