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Morgan's Placement Year - November 2019

I am an undergraduate law student at the University of Surrey and as part of my degree I am undertaking a professional training placement year at Bright Solicitors.

I will be spending my year in the commercial team assisting Philippa with litigation matters. I am very fortunate to have worked at Bright Solicitors for almost 2 years before attending university, in the New Homes conveyancing team. This has made the start to my placement year both nerve free and full of excitement.

My university tutor has attended the firm to make sure I have settled in as expected. She was impressed by the progress that had been made so far.

So far so good, I am enjoying my time at Bright Solicitors in the new role I have started and it only looks to be getting better. Stay tuned for updates on my progress and the mince pie tasting chart that the team is about to begin.

(PS: please excuse the ‘tach (or small amount of). It is Movember after all.)