National Apprentice Week – James Jenkins


National Apprentice Week is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on the talented individuals who contribute significantly to the workforce through apprenticeships. One such rising star is James Jenkins, the IT apprentice at Bright Solicitors. In this article, we dive into James’s journey, highlighting his achievements, growth, and the invaluable role he plays in the dynamic environment at Bright Solicitors.

Journey so far:

From the outset, James has demonstrated a keen enthusiasm for the field of IT. Joining Bright Solicitors as an apprentice, he embarked on a journey of learning and growth, quickly becoming an important part of the team. Under the guidance of Ben Busfield, James has not only improved his technical skills but also developed a greater understanding of the legal industry’s unique IT requirements.

Adapting to the Legal Landscape:

Navigating the complex IT landscape of a law firm requires adaptability and a keen eye for detail. James has proven himself to be more than up to the task, seamlessly integrating IT solutions that enhance the efficiency of Bright Solicitors’ daily operations. His ability to understand the specific needs of the legal profession and tailor IT solutions accordingly has been instrumental in optimising workflow processes.

Innovative Solutions for Legal Excellence:

One of James’s notable achievements during his time at Bright Solicitors is the implementation of innovative IT solutions to streamline document management and enhance data security. His efforts have not only created a more organised and efficient work environment but have also contributed to the firm’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of client confidentiality and legal excellence.

Team Collaboration and Communication:

Success in any workplace, especially a law firm, hinges on effective communication and collaboration. James’s good nature and willingness to collaborate has created a positive working atmosphere at Bright Solicitors. Whether it is troubleshooting technical issues or collaborating on IT projects, James’s ability to communicate complex issues in an accessible manner has bridged the gap between the IT department and the rest of the firm.

James had this to say about his apprenticeship so far:

I have really enjoyed the time I have spent at Bright so far; I decided to do an IT apprenticeship because I have always had an interest in computers, my favourite part of the job Is anything to do with hardware because it is the area I find the most interesting. I feel that I have learned a lot of new skills and have improved my communication with others in a work environment. Everyone here at Bright has been very helpful and supportive since I started so I feel that has helped me out a lot and made my experience better.

My most notable tasks so far have been:

• Re-designing the internal Intranet.
• Taking over responsibility of desk moves
• Setting up teams meetings and training when needed
• Taking over the weekly health and safety walks
• Joining the staff committee and attending meetings each month, reporting on all IT matters

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