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New Solicitor - 1st March 2019

Bright Solicitors is delighted to announce that Annabelle O’Higgins will be qualifying as a solicitor on 1 March 2019. Having undertaken training in investment property, residential property, disputes and litigation, wills and trusts, Annabelle found her greatest satisfaction and enjoyment came from working with clients buying and selling domestic properties, and so will become a member of Julie Milton’s residential conveyancing team.

Julie said: “I am very pleased that Annabelle has chosen to pursue her legal career with us and that she wants to make her home in my team. We are always incredibly busy and Annabelle’s focus on delivering a quality service in a timely manner to our clients has already proven itself during her time with the department.”

Annabelle is particularly keen to grow her experience in the more technical aspects of conveyancing and has experience working on complex issues such as transfers of part, second-hand new builds, conveyances of new builds from private developers, conveyances of unregistered land and boundary issues.

She also enjoys working with first time buyers to demystify and simplify the conveyancing process, and help them on their way to moving into their first home.

Annabelle said: “It’s well known that buying and selling your home is one of the most stressful times in your life. As a recent first time buyer myself I know how it feels to go through the process, but also how satisfying it is to be handed the keys to your own property at the end of a successful transaction. I really enjoy working with my clients and the other professionals involved in the conveyancing process, whether estate agents, surveyors or other solicitors, to make the experience as straightforward and stress free for my clients as it possibly can be.”

Annabelle can be contacted on 01752 388887 or by email:

Julie can be contacted on 01752 388896 or by email: