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Residential Landlord and Tenant

Disputes between landlords and their tenants can be complex.

Residential disputes between landlords and tenants arise from a number of different causing factors, for example:

• Behavioural – Antisocial behaviour, noise levels, nuisance tenants.
• Financial – Rent arrears, service charges, withheld deposits.
• Material – Damage to property, inventory disputes, property disrepair.
• Legal – Disputes over tenancy agreement terms, unlawful eviction claims.
• Criminal – Illegal occupation by squatters and trespassers.

For landlords with a portfolio of properties, we can provide tenancy dispute services across your full estate as part of an ongoing arrangement. This includes checking existing tenancy agreements and drawing up new legally binding contracts with tenants that protect you against damage and antisocial tenant behaviour.

For more information contact Emma Milner via email at or call her on 01752 968463.

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