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Bright Subscribe is our new subscription service, which has been designed to provide a fixed monthly fee for legal services. We believe that this offers our clients peace of mind that their legal needs are met without incurring unexpected, and often unbudgeted, costs.

Having carried out market research we believe that there are a number of businesses, like yours, that need legal support but that many of them are wary of the cost and time to take steps to protect their business. We understand that our clients often feel we are currently in a climate where there is a lot of bureaucracy to comply with for any business to have sufficient legal documentation in place. We are experts in legal work and in helping owner managed businesses like yours. We want to engage with you to provide that support so that you can continue to focus on your daily business activity.

Most businesses will pay a law firm as and when they need advice or assistance through a specific issue they are facing. That lawyer will analyse the situation and offer their solution to the problem, send their bill and be on their way. If another legal issue arises and poses a challenge to the business, they will go through the same process, paying the law firm once again for their input. As the law firm can’t guarantee long-term repeat business, it needs to make as much profit as it can from such periodic instruction.

This is how legal services have been offered to businesses since the beginning. But perhaps it’s not the most efficient, or cost effective.
Tired of watching companies get over-charged for minimal work, our business lawyers set out to provide an innovative service that changed the game and truly benefited businesses on a long-term basis.

We do things differently…….

We offer a subscription based legal service for small to mid-market companies looking to grow their business at home and internationally. Instead of providing advice for each individual issue when it arises, we have packaged our services into one monthly plan which comes at a fixed fee, without compromising the quality. There’s no catch. Just a brand new, refreshing approach to the industry. By offering cost-effective support throughout your commercial endeavours, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing a team of professionals will be protecting your best interests at all times.

How much will it cost?

If you wish to obtain the Foundation Level Support Package then the fixed monthly cost is £255 + VAT per month.

If you wish to obtain the Bright Solicitors In-House services then the costs are dependent on the number of employees (which shall include any regularly or permanently engaged consultants) and can be calculated as follows:

0 – 10 employees – £320 + VAT
11-20 employees – £360 + VAT
21+ employees – £420 + VAT

In the event that your employee numbers increase during the subscription services then we shall charge the increased monthly subscription fee from the date of that increase to the end of the current term only.

Your Team
Our team of professional legal experts are on hand to offer you the advice and help you need whatever your position. With plenty of experience, our team guarantee a professional yet friendly service from start to finish, giving you honest and straightforward advice.

Taja Simpson

Associate of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, ACILEX

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(Head of Commercial) - Partner

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