James’ Apprenticeship Blog – Part 3


James Jenkins | Third Month at Bright Solicitors | May 2023

Hi, my name is James, I started my IT apprenticeship on the 20th of February 2023.
This blog series is about my experiences working as an IT apprentice at a successful law firm in the heart of Plymouth.

Since my last update, my journey as an IT apprentice at Bright Solicitors has been filled with exciting opportunities to embrace new technologies and expand my skill set. The dynamic nature of the IT industry means that there is always something new to learn, and I have been fortunate to be part of a team that encourages continuous growth and innovation.

Shadowing Different Departments for Enhanced Understanding

This month I have started shadowing the other departments to learn more about what each one does so I can also assist each team with any IT issues related to them more easily, so far this month I have shadowed the Investment, Residential, and New Homes departments which have all helped me get a better understanding of what each department does and how they work building my understanding more.

Joining the Staff Committee for Issue Resolution and Expression

I have also joined the staff committee this month and will attend their monthly meetings. The staff committee focuses on finding solutions to issues and provides a channel for expression and opinion for staff members. These issues are discussed in subject areas such as health and safety, facilities comms and IT, client satisfaction/feedback, and general questions/vents.

Updating the Internal Intranet and Office Documentation

In addition to these, I have also had the chance to continue updating our internal intranet by adding pictures of employees, updating the reviews page, clearing up some space by deleting old files that are not used, and updating the office manual, staff handbook, and training.

Gaining Practical Experience and Collaborating with Colleagues

My role is now allowing me to gain practical experience and I’m embracing new technologies, collaborating with colleagues and strengthen my understanding of what each department does. I feel more confident as I am learning more and getting a better understanding and I am excited to embark on the next chapter of my IT career with confidence and enthusiasm.

James will be back next month to update us on his progress at the firm. For further news from Bright Solicitors, please visit our News & Events Page.